Working in a Casino: A Glimpse Through the Eyes of a Croupier

  • 01 June 2023
Working in a Casino: A Glimpse Through the Eyes of a Croupier

It is somehow customary to talk about the gambling business from the immediate organizers, all sorts of analysts and experts and players. There is practically no information about the peculiarities of the work of croupiers, managers and other people who ensure the functioning of casinos and other gambling establishments.

The appearance of the story of the girl-croupier on the Web aroused genuine interest among the Internet audience and provided an opportunity to learn about some of the nuances of this profession.

Requirements for applicants for the position of a croupier

The girl began her story with the requirements imposed on those who aspire to get a job as a croupier. She also talked about whether it is difficult to overcome the attempts to simply leave the job, which are pushed, first of all:

  • Strict requirements of managers.
  • Stresses from inadequate visitors.
  • Fears not only for themselves, but also for the players.

And with all this dealers are faced almost daily, being in a constant state of stress.

Not everyone is destined to become a croupier. And the reason for this is not the lack of experience. The casino is ready to train any applicant. It is important to be distinguished by a good appearance and uncommon mental abilities.

For example, a candidate at an interview will be asked to perform multiplication and division in their mind of two-digit numbers. The answer will have to be given in no more than 20 seconds.
The girl says the following about her experience:

  • "I've always been good with numbers - it's not hard for me to count. But because I was nervous, I made a couple of mistakes. Then they started asking me leading questions, one of which was whether I could play any instruments. And I have six years of music school - I know the piano. Later it turned out that this was the decisive moment to hire me".

Appreciated in the selection of candidates for such positions and skills on musical instruments, as from the dealer required virtuoso handling chips and cards.

The big perks to getting an interview are:

  • Politeness.
  • Neatness.
  • Ability to communicate pleasantly.
  • The correct posture.
  • Neat manicure.

There is no surprise in such high requirements, because the dealer will become the face of the casino, which is always closely watched for his face.

From her own experience, the girl recalls:

  • "Everything should be as transparent and honest as possible. The player has to understand that. That's why there are no pockets in the croupiers' clothes. Even aprons or vests of such length that it is impossible to hide anything. At the table, too, it is impossible to bring or take anything away. There are cameras watching us and, what's more, there is an inspector watching our every move. The croupier's hands are always on the table so no one will think you've 'stashed' anything".

The main thing: calm and serenity in all situations

The most important thing, according to the girl, not by hearsay acquainted with the work of croupiers, and the most difficult in this professional activity is to remain calm regardless of the situations that arise.

  • "Players are all different. The one who is polite in the beginning is the last bastard when you lose. They can insult you, humiliate you, throw at you whatever comes to hand. Once a man threw dice at me, which ricocheted in my eye, I even had a black eye - reluctantly recalls the story the girl. - I then ran away from the casino, cried all night. And then I got a fine. No one canceled the shift - consider it absenteeism. I was supposed to wipe away my tears, cover up the bruise, and keep smiling at another table".

It can be pathetic for gamblers who spend a lot of money on gambling

The girl also says that sometimes it's hard to watch when a person loses so much money that it could be enough to buy, for example, an apartment. Most of the time these players lose a lot of money at the casino, but it's not exactly pleasant to see, even though behind all this gambling and the welfare of the gambling establishment. Casino players are on different sides, they have different aspirations and desired end results:

  • "Once at a table a man lost fifty thousand dollars. He said he was lucky today, he bet almost everything on red, but he didn't guess. He started calling his friends, asking them to lend him money. When he found a couple of thousand, his luck didn't smile on him again. I began to blame myself, it seemed that I was taking money from the man. But later I shook those thoughts away from me and sighed happily - it's good that it wasn't me in his place".

Nice things about working as a croupier

Pleasant events are also present in the daily work of croupiers. Often, visitors who manage to win large sums of money give substantial tips to croupiers and waiters. There are also rich gamblers who thank them for a great time in the gambling house.

The dealer here added words about her personal experience:

  • "I once got $5,000 after the night games. But I was told that the girls were luckier - somehow they thanked me by leaving me $10,000. You could buy a car".

As we can see, in the work of those who provide players with the conditions for satisfaction of gambling, there are enough features, behind which there are both minuses and pluses. A croupier is not an easy profession.

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