Double-up slots

Double-up (sometimes it is called “gamble”, "risk" or the other names with a similar meaning) feature does not affect RTP (Return to Player %) or House edge of online casino slot. Hence, it is pretty much neutral in terms of increasing or decreasing your winning chances.

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However, the double-up could significantly increase the volatility level of such an online slot.

Further, I will try to elaborate on both statements alongside with other specifics of this feature.

In this article:

  1. What is the Double-up feature in online slots?
  2. How exactly the double-up get implemented in online casino slots
  3. Why it does not affect your chances of winning in online slot?
  4. When the Double-up feature could be harmful for online casino players?

What is the Double-up feature in online slot?

The double-up feature could be called differently depending on a particular online slot producer. You could come across other names such as “gamble”, “risk” and others.

It does not matter how they call it; everything comes down to these characteristics which distinguish the double-up feature:

it can be used only after you have hit some winning in online slot

the limited number of possible outcomes. You either double-up (quadruple-up in some cases) or lose

Let’s dive deeper into each of them.

Whenever you hit any winning at online slot with the double-up feature, it makes you decide whether you want to collect the winning and continue to play in casual mode or to risk in order to double (or quadruple) the winning.

If you are lucky enough and manage to double the winning then the online slot gives you the same choice again. At this point, you can collect doubled winning or risk again, and so on.

I would like to mention that some online slots allow to double-up only winnings derived from pay-lines, but some of them let you do so with Bonus game and Free spins winnings as well.

The double-up feature is designed only in addition to main features. So, I guess, it would be unfair to expect it to be super fascinating at any extent. So to speak, options of the player are limited to these:

No, the double-up feature is typically only available on certain wins, and not all slot games include this feature.

No, players can choose to collect their winnings and skip the double-up feature if they prefer.

The amount you can potentially win with the double-up feature depends on the game rules and the payout structure. In most cases, players can double their winnings, but some games may offer higher multipliers or different ways to increase payouts.

The double-up feature is based on chance, and there is no guarantee of winning. While it can potentially increase your winnings, it can also lead to losing them if you make the wrong choice. It's up to each player to decide if they want to take the risk and use the double-up feature.