Why Some Online Casinos Charge a Withdrawal Fee?

  • 08 January 2023
Why Some Online Casinos Charge a Withdrawal Fee?

A commission is due when a casino player chooses to withdraw funds from their online casino account. True, there aren't many online casinos that have this regulation in place. But it is possible to run into casinos that charge withdrawal fees frequently, so here are some things to consider:

  • How payments are normally handled at online casinos and the justification for fees
  • Online casinos use a variety of charge implementation methods.
  • Finding out who pays commissions and where to find out more about these regulations are both easy to do.

How payments in online casinos work

At physical casinos, a middleman is not required. All you have to do to start playing is walk up to the casino cashier, pay over your money, and get your chips.

For obvious reasons, it would not work in online casinos, thus you must transfer your funds to an online casino via a payment method.

In some ways, a payment system is similar to a traditional bank, but it provides fewer services to its customers. A payment system typically simply handles online payments and does not offer credit or other financial products. At least a handful of them have probably already come across you. Neteller, Skrill, Ecopayz, Visa, and Mastercard are a few more that stand out.


An online casino player must first open an account with a particular payment method before using its services. Once it is complete, they will be able to send and receive money.

Payment systems, like any other business, charge a fee for each transaction they process. To make money is why they are in business.

What are the fees actually?

My own experience is that fixed fees normally range between 2-10%. It spans a wide range, and particular figures depend on:

  • Specific payment methods charges.
  • A merchant's business division. A payment system might charge an online book store a 1% transaction fee but a 5% tax on an online casino, for example.
  • Specific merchant active in the same sector. According to a payment system, casinos A and B can receive ratings of 2% and 5%, respectively.
  • As you now know, payment methods do little to support the gaming sector. Why? Let's investigate

Why online casinos pay higher costs to payment systems

No one disputes the need for fees for payment systems, so why are they so expensive, especially in the gaming industry? Those are primarily brought on by:

  1. Online scammers are thieves who use stolen login credentials to enter the accounts of casino players. They then use the money they stole to fund an online casino. Normally, the victim contacts a payment system to have the transaction reversed once they are aware of it. A payment system must function in that way if there isn't much time between events, according to the legislation. A payment system must use its own funds to make the payment because money has already been spent at that point. To counteract such possible losses, high fees are implemented.
  2. Money laundering concerns. Casinos are known for being handy locations to launder cash gained through illegal activity. It is not their fault because anyone may make a "dirty" money deposit into an online casino, play for a while, and then withdraw the remaining money as a "clean" online casino winning. However, governments around the world apply harsh penalties for payment systems where money laundering took place. Emphasis must be placed on the fact that it is very difficult to have a flawless record for payment systems, and that occasionally money is handled to be laundered. Payment systems in certain ways see payments made to online casinos as riskier, and as a result, they impose higher costs for these transactions.

As a result, hefty commissions are required because there are still a lot of risky players online and payment systems would not be able to operate without paying higher expenses than those levied in other industries.

In Conclusion

Ultimately, it's the casino player who foots the bill. Even if an online casino doesn't overtly charge a withdrawal fee, rest assured it's factored in somehow. This might manifest in less attractive bonuses and promotions, for instance.

So, don't be disheartened by withdrawal fees; they're part and parcel of the online casino landscape. Everyone pays them, whether explicitly or hidden in other ways.

One final piece of advice: always scrutinize a casino's withdrawal policy before making a deposit. These rates can vary greatly from one casino to another. While some venues may have relatively low fees, around 1-2%, others could burden you with charges as high as 10%.

Author: Cliff Benton
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