Only One Account Per One IP in an Online Casino: Rule Explained

  • 21 January 2023
Only One Account Per One IP in an Online Casino: Rule Explained

Why do online casinos have a rule about one account per one IP?

There are primarily two causes for this:

  • The KYC (know your customer) compliance process is being followed by online casinos. Implementing this regulation is frequently a requirement in order to get a gambling license. Without a robust KYC strategy in place, an online casino would not be able to handle any legitimate payments.
  • The goal of online casinos is to restrict access to bonuses to those who qualify. Gambling business owners must pay for bonuses, which were created as a feature to reward mostly new players ( welcome bonus package). Casino owners can't afford to give bonuses to the same person over and over again.

How to avoid possible problems with the online casino if I have two accounts per one IP?

Generally speaking, the easiest method to clear up any ambiguity on how to read online casino laws is to get in touch with them and inquire.

Contacting the online casino via live chat on their website is the easiest and fastest way to accomplish it.

Simply contact them via email, which can be easily accessed on the main page of the online casino website, if this option is not accessible for whatever reason (some casinos don't offer live chat, or their live support only operates during specific hours).

You might avoid a lot of future problems if you do this.

Does it common practice to have one account per one IP restriction in an online casino?

Yes, it is the answer. Finding an online casino that has no issues with gamers creating several accounts using the same IP is fairly difficult.

Legitimate players may find it inconvenient to open two separate accounts from the same IP address, for instance, but the online casino does not specifically target them when it enforces this rule. Online casinos are doing their best to prevent bonus abusers from taking advantage of the bonus policy because they can easily ruin all business.

Do online casinos really confiscate all balance if I violate one account per one IP rule?

Confiscating entire balance may seem like a severe punishment, but respectable online casinos typically won't use it against players who were truly baffled by the rules and didn't intend to defraud the casino with their actions.

The goal of confiscating the balance is to deter bonus abusers and reduce their desire to take a gamble.

Does online casinos abuse rule about one account per one IP to confiscate players funds?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Even when it is crystal evident that a player has no malice in mind, some of them still do it. Therefore, it is crucial to do your research and determine whether the online casino has ever had problems with players of a similar nature before making a deposit into an account. has already completed all of its research, saving you time, and you can now access carefully selected online casinos in a dedicated section or on the sidebar.

Are multiple accounts allowed at online casinos?

Let's create a scenario. You opt to play at a specific online casino after learning of its existence. You opened an account, made a deposit, claimed a bonus (in some cases, you don't even need to make a deposit to claim a bonus), and then you started placing bets. You eventually succeeded in winning a particular sum of money and chose to withdraw it. You receive an email from the casino management alerting you that your account will be permanently closed as a result of illegal activity in response to your request for approval. It could be something else. You previously had a profile, but you no longer have access to your private cabinet. Simply create a new account to avoid spending time on password renewal, and the process will repeat itself. Let's now have a look at the third scenario. Following you, your wife made the decision to try her luck at the casino. She discovered a reputable casino, registered, and received the same result once more. What then is it? Why do certain activities that seem to be legal block the account and remove all winnings? The idea of multiaccounting has the answer to this query.

The most typical iGaming concept is multiaccounting. It indicates that a single player has many accounts using the same IP address. In reality, it happens rather frequently for players to be discovered using several accounts. And this despite the fact that the client's legal age is the rule that is most crucial, not "one account, one IP". The frequent exploitation of incentive offers led to the introduction of this restriction. Users can obtain several rewards or make up losses from previous accounts by playing from different accounts.

These days, there are various technical tools available to track down account holders who are defrauding others. The outcome is terrible if the casino staff is successful in closing the account for breaking casino rules and seizing all profits. It won't be feasible to get the account back. Additionally, some operators restrict access to all accounts on their network for such individuals.

Some players who are exceptionally crafty manage to set up many accounts. The truth is that the falsehood is exposed sooner or later. Keep in mind that you can at any moment be required to provide identification when seeking a withdrawal. At this point, there is a good probability that the operator will win in an effort to go around the rule. Do you want to run the risk of wasting your time?

Author: James Hatbill
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