How to Cancel an Active Bonus at an Online Casino?

  • 25 January 2023
How to Cancel an Active Bonus at an Online Casino?

What does an online casino bonus mean?

A bonus is a prized present you receive from an online casino whether you're a regular patron or a new player. One of two major forms is possible:

  • In cash, to your account. For instance, you will receive 100 euros if you deposit 100 euros (exact amounts depend on the particular online casino bonus policy)
  • free spins. You must follow the rules that an online casino established in this scenario. Normally, a deposit would need to be made (sum of deposit and conditions hugely vary from one casino to another)

Using live chat to cancel an active bonus at an online casino

If you are not given the chance to cancel an active bonus on your own, the next place you should go is live chat. Although it's not as challenging as going through your account settings, it's still rather easy.

To do this, go to the "live chat" section of the online casino website and wait a short while for a customer service agent to get in touch with you. Just specify the bonus you want to cancel, and be careful to ask when the adjustments will go into effect.

Email cancellation of an active bonus at an online casino

What will we do if there is no way to manually cancel an active bonus through live chat? Since it can take some time for a response to our request and because it is clearly the least practical choice, the support email is still our final resort.

Send an email to the support team by finding their contact information (typically listed in the "Terms and Conditions" or someplace at the bottom of the page). You only need to let them know exactly which active bonuses you plan to cancel.

How can you find out what choices a specific online casino offers you?

This might be a little challenging because online casinos frequently brag about their abundance of bonuses without outlining their specific conditions.

The best place to start our study is in the "Terms and Conditions" section of an online casino. Different "Terms and Conditions" are created for bonuses by specific online casinos. You'll likely find information suggesting whether or not bonuses are refundable if you look at any bonus-related provisions. The next option would be to ask about this via live chat or email.

What happens if I cancel a bonus that is active? (possible consequences)

Once all of your bonus-related gains and the bonus itself have been cancelled, you will only be left with the sum of your initial deposit (or what has left of it).

If your bonus has been successfully canceled, please keep a close eye on it since it could have very negative consequences if it hasn't (including the confiscation of the entire deposit in some cases). Never be reluctant to contact the casino's customer service if you have any inquiries.