Most Gambling Countries and Nations

  • 23 October 2023
Most Gambling Countries and Nations

Gambling in the world

Have you thought about these questions?

  • In which country do people most often play casinos?
  • Which nation's sports betting is the most popular?
  • Where do people like poker most?
  • Who loves lotteries?
  • Which nation as a whole can be called the most gambling in the world?

If you think we're talking about Americans with their Las Vegas, Indian casinos and Atlantic City, you're wrong. The Chinese, known for their gambling addiction, are by no means at the top of the rankings either. The winners, if that word is appropriate in this case, were unexpectedly residents of other states.

In our article we have identified ten countries where gambling entertainment is particularly popular. The list was compiled on the basis of one criterion:

  • The amount that the average citizen of the country loses in a year.

The data was provided by H2 Gambling Capital. It took into account the results of casinos, poker, bookmakers, horse racing and other types of gambling. The total was divided by the number of adult residents.

Of course, it would be good to consider other factors: the volume of illegal business, losses abroad, and so on. But no organization has conducted such a large-scale statistical study, so we have to rely on the available data.

Top 5 Most Gambling Countries

First, we will highlight the top five, and then briefly discuss the other countries, whose citizens also can not imagine life without gambling.

5th place - Finland

  • Amount of losses per year per person - $533.
  • Favorite activities: lotteries, sports betting.

Finns really like gambling. The Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health claims that more than 41% of the country's adults gamble every week.

The most popular are national lottery draws and bookmaking bets on sporting events. Real and crypto casinos are subject to a state monopoly. Gambling revenues go to public and educational purposes.

It is interesting that citizens of the country who lose more than a hundred and twenty euros can officially receive the status of gambler and qualify for free treatment for addiction.

4th place - Canada

  • Amount of losses per year per person - $568.
  • Favorite activities: lotteries, sports betting.

In Canada, gambling has been legalized since the early seventies of the twentieth century. There are dozens of casinos across the country, but locals are not limited to the gambling offered by these institutions.

Moreover, bookmakers and a variety of lotteries, including instant scratch cards, are in the greatest demand. Statistics show that three-quarters of Canadians regularly buy lottery tickets. This pastime is an integral part of Canadian culture. It is not considered dangerous or offensive. Many parents even give lotteries to their underage children on a regular basis.

Also in Canada, they love sports, especially ice hockey. Almost all residents watch NHL games, broadcasts from ski races, snowboarding competitions and other disciplines. Many Canadians place bookmaker bets.

3rd place - Ireland

  • The amount lost per year per person is $588.
  • Favorite entertainment: Sports betting.

The Irish are legendary for their incredible love of betting. Everyone knows that they are avid bettors and rabid sports fans. Of course, betting is very popular in Ireland. Locals regularly visit horse races and bet on rugby, soccer, and other sports.

In Irish youth circles there is even a movement called lad culture. Its members are mostly middle-aged boys and men who gather to drink heavily, bet on their favorite team, and watch the game.


Special mention should be made of the famous Irish fighter Connor McGregor, who is adored in his home country. His cooperation with a famous bookmaker led to a boom in sports betting in the country.

Off-line casinos are less popular in Ireland, although there are some high rollers among the Irish who lose large sums. It is worth adding that this gambling industry is still governed by outdated legislation, which should be reformed long ago.

As a final note, the Irish lost more than $2.2 billion in 2017.

2nd place - Singapore

  • Amount of losses per year per person - $1100.
  • Favorite activities: casinos, lotteries, sports betting.

The gambling industry in this tiny South Asian country is still young. Since 1968, only the state-owned Singapore Pools lottery has operated in Singapore. More recently, it also accepts bookmaker bets. In addition, world-famous casinos have opened in the country.

There are many soccer fans in Singapore who can't imagine life without betting on their favorite clubs. The weekly turnover of this industry amounts to millions of dollars.

By allowing new forms of gambling, the authorities were counting primarily on tourists, but locals are also eager to visit casinos. Wealthy citizens are not embarrassed even by a rather high entrance fee to gambling establishments. This fact is not surprising, because among Singaporeans there are a lot of millionaires and just a rich public.

1st place - Australia

  • The amount lost per year per person is $1288.
  • Favorite pastimes: slot machines, sports betting.

The inhabitants of the largest country in the southern hemisphere are very gambling. Here is the data from local statistical organizations:

  • About eighty percent of Australians gamble regularly in one form or another, and half of the entire population tests their luck on slots.

Throughout Australia there are pokies, which are called pokies. In some states their number exceeds a hundred thousand. Video slots are not only offered in casinos. They are widely available in bars and other entertainment venues.

Australia is also incredibly popular for a number of sports, including cricket and soccer. The country also regularly hosts major international tournaments, attracting crowds of fans. A huge army of fans willingly bet in bookmakers. In 2017, the revenues of only this area of the gambling business exceeded one billion dollars. Why do Australians gamble so much? Experts say it's because of the availability of gambling and the high standard of living in the country.

Other gambling countries in the world

Residents of the states listed below are also very gambling, although they lose somewhat less than the citizens of the above countries.

  • Italians - $517.
  • Hong Kong - $503.
  • Norway, $448.
  • Greece, $420.
  • Spain $418.

By comparison, people in the U.S. lose on average about $330 a year, while in Monaco it's about $320, and in France it's no more than $350.

Again, the real figures may be much higher, because it is unrealistic to calculate the volume of all illegal gambling. Illegal betting sites everywhere accept bets, official casinos often underestimate profits, and so on. Nevertheless, the above statistics allow a general assessment of the situation in different countries.

Author: James Hatbill

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