Is It Possible to Hack Slots?

  • 17 October 2023
Is It Possible to Hack Slots?

It is impossible to calculate the exact number of attempts to hack various slot machines. But the fact that there were quite a few of them is a well-known fact.

There are known stories of individuals who have made attempts to hack into slots and withdraw large sums of money from them. Hackers continue to work daily on hacking gambling clubs, while avoiding meetings with law enforcement agencies. Gambling operators, in turn, are constantly upgrading protection, reducing the likelihood of finding loopholes in the codes.

Confrontation Between Online Casinos and Hackers

Serious online casinos devote all their attention to working on a reliable security system. If there are attempts to hack or bypass these systems, the gamblers' hardware is blocked. It can be said that hacking online casinos web resources is impossible.

However, along with the attempts to hack the software, attempts are also made to find passwords to players' accounts. In this way, attackers are trying to get the money that is won by other people.

Let's talk about known to the world of gambling attempts to hack or circumvent the slot machines.

Yo-yo method

Among the oldest known methods of cheating slots the principle of Yo-yo, the essence of which is the following: a coin is tied to a cord, and then thrown into the coin slot. In the machine the registration of making a deposit took place and the machine was triggered.

The player would pull the coin back, keeping the deposit for himself. At present, the method is not used due to the increasing demanding nature of the machines.

Fake Coins

The method was based on the fact that the coins were cut off at the edges. In the first sensor, the amount deposited was recorded, and in the second, the coin was thrown back.

At the time of the rapid development of land-based casinos, the described practice was quite common and had some success.

Ronald Dale Harris

The special code was created by Ronald, a software engineer from America who specialized in programming chips for land-based slot machines that give out winnings.

Having decided to follow his principles, he installed a special combination on his own machines. Those players, who were aware of the existence of such machines, threw a coin and after performing a series of machinations received guaranteed winnings.

Hacking with a string

In the seventies, craftsmen developed a mechanism consisting of guitar string or wire. It was often used in Las Vegas. This device was placed in a tray (container) for storing coins. Then they scrolled until the jackpots were given out.

Light Wand

A wand holding a battery with an attached wire. The principle of its operation was to block the optical sensors in the slots, which were designed to fix the number of coins to be paid out. When the first prize combination fell out, the machine could not stop, giving out an unlimited number of coins.

Hacks of online casinos in Britain

The creator of large online casino servers received an ultimatum from Polish hackers Piotr Smirnov and Patryk Hackery. They demanded the release of half of the company's revenues or the gaming site itself.

A refusal from the businessman followed. In response, the hackers began to act. They were identified after a certain period of time. The court sentenced them to prison terms.

Cyberattack on Cowboys Casino

When hacking Cowboys Casino games site hackers to the resource Pastebin was posted information about the clientele, as well as all the transactions carried out.

According to the attackers, their entry into the systems of the files did not cause any difficulties, as there was no protection system. After the publication of data about the site, the hackers waited for the creators to pay attention to the security of casino customers.

Hacking DEOSBet

The DEOSBet blockchain casino got into quite an interesting story. Here, as a result of the first hack, more than $200,000 was stolen from customer accounts. The whole gamble took only a few minutes. The story had a sequel a month later, when after a new hack the accounts were reduced by $138 thousand.

Anyone Can Be Affected by Hacker Attacks

These examples show that the bases of the gambling industry must have reliable protection. Today, with hardware, software, and expertise, hackers can attack any player in any market.

Gambling operators must bring their own protection and the protection of their own clientele to the forefront. Otherwise, we can expect serious problems.

Author: James Hatbill

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