Best 20 Paylines Slots with Highest RTP

  • 09 October 2023
Best 20 Paylines Slots with Highest RTP

What is 20 Paylines Slots

20 Paylines slots are a type of slot machine game where there are 20 different ways to win across the reels on every spin. These winnings configurations, lines or pathways are called 'paylines'. They can range from straight lines to zigzags. The primary condition for a win is for the winning symbols to fall within one of these pathways.

10 Best 20 Paylines Slots With Highest RTP

RTP: 98.83% Provider: TomHorn Thrones of Persia

Thrones of Persia

RTP: 97.50% Provider: RealTime Gaming Crystal Waters

Crystal Waters

RTP: 97.50% Provider: RealTime Gaming Goldbeard


RTP: 97.44% Provider: PG Soft Flirting Scholar

Flirting Scholar

RTP: 97.44% Provider: PG Soft Ninja vs Samurai

Ninja vs Samurai

RTP: 97.38% Provider: PG Soft Muay Thai Champion

Muay Thai Champion

RTP: 97.19% Provider: Kalamba Sky Hunters

Sky Hunters

RTP: 97.10% Provider: Yggdrasil Tut's Twister

Tut's Twister

RTP: 97.07% Provider: World Match Diamond Bonus

Diamond Bonus

RTP: 97.07% Provider: Betsoft Mr Macau

Mr Macau

What's Special About 20 Paylines Slots

20 Paylines slots often offer a balance of risk, reward, and engagement. The number of paylines is adequate enough to offer frequent wins and exciting gameplay but not so large as to overcomplicate things or demand a very high per-spin bet. Many players find them an ideal middle ground between lower payline classic slots and the more complex 50 or 100+ payline slots.

How does 20 Paylines Paytable Impact RTP?

The paytable, which includes the 20 paylines, is one of the factors that determine a slot machine's Return to Player (RTP) percentage; RTP is the percentage of all the wagered money a slot machine is expected to pay back to players over time. However, the precise effect on RTP isn't straightforward because it depends on other factors like the game's symbol value, bonuses, and more. In general, more paylines (given equal other conditions) can result in higher RTP as players have more chances to win.

How does 20 Paylines Paytable Impact Volatility?

The number of paylines can have something of an inverse relationship with volatility. With 20 paylines, chances are more frequent winning combinations will occur compared to games with fewer paylines given equal conditions. Therefore, this could lead to less volatility (fewer and smaller bankroll swings) since players are likely to experience wins more often, albeit smaller ones.

How does 20 Paylines Paytable Impact Winning Hit Frequency?

More paylines typically mean higher hit frequencies because there are more ways for symbol combinations to form a win. So, generally, a 20 paylines slot should have a higher hit frequency than say, a 5 or 10 paylines slot. However, game developers can also adjust other factors that affect hit frequency, such as symbol distribution and reel layout, so the number of paylines isn't the only determinant.

Pros and Cons of 20-Paylines Slots


  1. More winning possibilities: 20 paylines offer more ways to win compared to traditional slot games with fewer paylines.
  2. Balanced gameplay: It delivers an equilibrium between simple slots with fewer paylines and complex ones with abundant paylines.
  3. Increased engagement: The added complexity, without becoming overwhelming, can make the gaming experience more exciting.


  1. Higher bets per spin: If you decide to bet on all 20 paylines, your stake per spin might be higher.
  2. Can be confusing: Those new to multi-lined slots might find tracking 20 paylines a little confusing initially.
  3. Lower individual line wins: As there are more lines to win from, individual line wins are often lower compared to slots with fewer paylines given equal other conditions.

Remember that while these general points apply, they don't speak to every 20 paylines slot because game developers have a lot of latitude in how they design their games, including aspects like bonus features, the distribution and payout of symbols, etc. Always make sure to review each game's rules and paytable.

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Author: Cliff Benton

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