Winning Strategy at Scripted Online Casinos

  • 26 January 2023
Winning Strategy at Scripted Online Casinos

Most likely, you've previously read a few subpar articles that claimed to hold the key to beating online slots. Since the vast majority of them are complete garbage, you won't get anything from them.

However, there are undoubtedly some people who are curious to learn about winning strategies for playing online slots.

I want to be clear that, due to a number of restrictions, the information in this essay won't make you wealthy. However, if you are willing to put up some effort, it can help you earn some extra cash (preparatory work must be done before).

You will have a blast since we're literally going to "scam fraudsters," I can assure you of that.

Before I continue, I want to let you know that there are several tried-and-true methods for constantly succeeding at legally-operated slot machines (disclaimer: it is not easy).

What is a script-based online casino?

You can play games made by trustworthy software vendors at every respectable online casino. These games have undergone rigorous testing by a third party agency (eCOGRA, Itech Labs, etc.) to assure that prizes are distributed at random (using RNG).

The winning chance can be changed whenever they want, however some dishonest gaming operators are so hungry that they create their own software.

In a sense, the game can be rigged by its owners thanks to software that has been preprogrammed (or a casino that uses it). They commonly employ this technique. Every time you win on a programmable slot machine (or any other casino game), your luck will run out (in licensed slots your chances to continue to win would stay the same). In addition, the slot machine's programming would produce wins whether you had recently started playing or had previously experienced losses, luring you to keep playing (or even make more deposits).

What scheme do you employ?

The tactic is the outcome of automatic online casinos doing everything in their power to take advantage of your greed. What normally do they do? The major way they defraud people is by posting pre-written casino games, especially for those who would make deposits.

As you might have suspected, casinos use computer software to give new players the sense of success by making them win the majority of the time when they first start playing (or at least they could realize that winning is possible).

Imagine you deposited 100 euros at a specific online casino. There is a very good probability that your balance will eventually reach 200 euros. You will undoubtedly lose everything if you work with con artists, but we can benefit from this.

Keep in mind the following as well when playing with fire:

  • Make sure an online casino is paying to at least some of its customers before taking any further action. Otherwise, the campaign's overall objective would be unsuccessful.
  • Casinos that are privately held might exist. Due to the fact that they both share a player database, they won't identify you as a new depositor. particularly if you have previously withdrawn money from one of their satellites.
  • Do not try to withdraw money from a programmed casino if your balance increases by more than two times. Three times the amount of winnings is the most that can be retained. Instead, take your time and continue to play (until the balance once again reaches desirable 2x, be sure it will). Your reputation as a casual player will advance in this way.
Author: James Hatbill
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