Winning Hit Frequency in Online Slots Explained

  • 28 January 2023
Winning Hit Frequency in Online Slots Explained

Like all casino games, the gameplay of an online slot machine consists of rounds. The "Spin" button activates the game's round. An online slot machine generates an outcome at the conclusion of each "Spin," and as a result, a player at a casino either wins money or loses it.

Hit Frequency reveals the average likelihood that a casino player will receive a payout at the conclusion of each "Spin." Hit Frequency is expressed as a percentage and is more closely related to the world of probabilities.

Now you can see how Hit Frequency is not rocket science at all, though it is perhaps a good idea to keep in mind that:

The amount of the winning has no bearing on hit frequency, which is all about the likelihood of getting a winning. For Hit Frequency purposes, for instance, even the slightest winning counts as a legitimate hit.

Additionally, even winning on only one payline is considered as a Hit if we're talking about multi-payline slots, which is actually the case with the vast majority of them. Even if the other 8 paylines (which can be any number) are losers, it makes no difference. One line is plenty, as I've previously stated.

A computer software that operates this specific online slot in the background determines the Hit Frequency value. As a result, Hit Frequency is a fixed quantity and the producer of the slot machine is certain of its value. Although it is reasonable to note that the majority of online slot suppliers do not disclose this information to the general public for unknown reasons, making it occasionally hard to determine the Hit Frequency of a certain online slot.

Last but not least, there are times when a casino player may not have been able to hit a winning combination per line but still managed to take advantage of a worthwhile opportunity. Since it benefits online casino players, it still counts as a Hit in that scenario.

Why Hit Frequency is tricky

As it solely considers whether or not the victory has occurred, Hit Frequency is a somewhat biased parameter. The size of the winnings is what it omits. To put it another way, there are several circumstances in which a casino player only receives 50% of what they paid for a Spin, yet it still counts as a Hit.

For instance, if a player sets the cost of a spin at 10 EUR, he or she receives 5 EUR of the winnings. Even though it can't even recover the initial investment, it doesn't make any sense and yet the game still counts it as a win.

Hit Frequency’s impact on Volatility and RTP (House Edge)

Hit Volatility and Frequency. In video slots, Hit Frequency and Volatility (sometimes referred to as Variation) typically have a strong correlation. Therefore, a low hit frequency online slot is more likely to have a high volatility level, and vice versa, a high hit frequency online slot frequently has a low volatility level.