Who Tests Fairness of Online Casino Games

  • 10 February 2023
Who Tests Fairness of Online Casino Games

We (online casino players) would be foolish to take their word on something as essential as the fairness of online casino games given how many con artists operate in the online gambling industry. Additionally, gambling commissioners all over the world share this opinion and demand that online casino games be tested prior to an online casino receiving a license.

As you may have guessed, without an independent third-party organization with staff that possess the necessary technical expertise, fairness tests would not be possible. Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, such a business needs to be well-known in its field.

This article will cover the following topics:

  • Exactly what elements of online casino games, including slots and other games, are tested
  • Which companies rule (including their contact info)

What do fairness tests include?

Each online casino game (including slots and traditional casino games) must fulfill the following requirements in order to be recognized as fair:

  • The distribution of the game's outcomes must be random.
  • After a game has been approved, an online casino must not be given the chance to influence its results.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of casino game testing agencies to guarantee the accuracy of the two aforementioned claims. However, how do they do that?

Speaking of chance, we all know that each online casino game has a certain RTP (return to player) percentage, which is an essential component of it. In other words, testing companies must determine whether the reported RTP is accurate or not. An online slot machine, for instance, has a potential RTP of 97%. Millions of spins are often made on this machine by a testing company, and the outcome is contrasted with the theoretical RTP. And if they do, the game is ready to go and can be offered to gamers at online casinos.

After the game has been certified and made available to online casino players, a fairness testing business must then guarantee that randomization is preserved. It all boils down to making sure that RNG (random number generator) software is implemented correctly and segregated from online casinos' web servers so that RNG cannot be influenced, although I won't get too into this topic because it is pretty geeky.

Are online casinos fair?

Players frequently express legitimate reservations about online casinos. There are a number of causes for this, but the biggest one is the worry of encountering con artists. It should be mentioned right away that this group of consumers' anxieties are frequently well-founded. Other casino patrons, particularly newcomers, aren't even aware that they can stumble onto a so-called replica casino site when looking for a top slot club. Quite simply, a bogus website. He appears unmistakable at first sight thanks to his similar design, slot machines, and promotional offers. The customer now has queries in the event of winning:

  • Why, when there was always money left over, did the slot machine suddenly stop paying out winnings?
  • Why does the slot machine only operate occasionally?
  • Why do I lose the game even when I win big?

All of these queries have a straightforward, albeit unpleasant, answer: the customer has been duped into playing at a fraudulent casino. Such establishments are not subject to any authority, thus there is no point in trying to win there, especially if it involves a significant amount of money.

Over the years, seasoned players have developed the ability to recognize both the casinos run by respectable operators and those that should be avoided. In fact, it's quite simple to comprehend; all you have to do is look at the steps a casino takes to supply games that are incredibly trustworthy. Being licensed is the major approach to demonstrate someone's integrity. It attests to the operator's dedication to offering services in compliance with recognised norms.

There is a less simple technique to determine whether the software available in the casino library is accredited. The RNG utilized in the games must have certification from an impartial and trustworthy testing facility. Such services are available in iGaming through organizations like eCogra, iTechLabs, BMM Gaming, etc. This ensures that any slot machine offered on the website will have a really random combination for gamers. In this instance, there are no exclusions, as the operator asks the lab to check the whole game collection. Only in this instance could you be confident that every loss in the casino games is a result of chance, indicating that the operator is being truthful about upholding its responsibilities to its clients.

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