What Kind of Money Does the Development of Slots for Online Casinos Bring and What Is It?

  • 15 February 2023
What Kind of Money Does the Development of Slots for Online Casinos Bring and What Is It?

Ordinary users believe that the slots placed on various online casinos are developed by the site itself. But this is an erroneous opinion, which is far from reality. The development of these slots lies entirely on the shoulders of individual development studios, and the sites on which they place their slots are intermediaries between them and the players. At the same time, there are agreements between the developer and the slot placement site on which they can cooperate.

The income that developers receive depends on some factors

- Popularity of the provider.
- The quality of the product itself.
- How big is the casino and the country in which it is located.
- Casino turnover, etc.

We have considered this point below in the example of various sizes of developers.

The biggest

In this category we have included such giants as EGT, Play'n GO, Endorphina, Betsoft, etc. They occupy a large market share, and thanks to this they can dictate their terms of cooperation. They own the most famous machines. This allows providers to dictate the conditions for the casino, they decide where the machines will be located (on which page, etc.)

We understand that if the most popular slots are not placed in the casino, then a person will pass by this site. This is what makes it possible to set such conditions for providers as they want. In most cases, they receive a certain percentage of the profit, which can be as much as 15% or as much as 90%. The figures, depending on the site, can change both up and down.
The benefit of the casino is always determined by the RTP indicator. Let's say if it is equal to 75%, then the remaining 25% is the profit of the developer and the site itself. This earnings are divided depending on the agreements reached by the participants of the transaction.
Please note that the provider can receive a percentage only from those slots that belong specifically to him.

Hired companies

This category of developers includes companies that are engaged in creating software for casinos under a contract. But they do not stop only at the development of slots, but provide all the software of the site. They have less room for maneuver, since all duties and conditions are negotiated with the partner initially. If we talk about payment, it is always a fixed cost plus a percentage of the profit of slots.

Independent studios

This includes relatively small studios that deal with any software. They can work for themselves, or they can work under a contract. It is worth noting that it is most difficult for such studios, since the requirements for development are very strict. Only those studios that create a really good product remain in this market.

Even in this case, the money spent on development may not justify the profit received. There are a number of reasons for this. Let's tell you about the most popular ones. Thanks to the unpopularity of the casino, it can pay them absolutely ridiculous interest. And yet, their slots can be located on some of the far pages of the catalog.

How much earn developers of different categories

There is definitely no fixed percentage that the gambling platform pays to the provider anywhere, as mentioned above, this percentage is always variable. All parties discuss this issue individually, look at the popularity of the slot, RTP and the total amount of funds that it received in a certain period of time.
The income of the device means the difference between the amount of bets placed in it and the prize money received by the players.

Small development studios can charge even less than 5%. In the case when a development contract was concluded, the payment may be a one-time payment.There is also a fixed monthly interest rate. As a possible example, Wazdan takes 12% of the revenue, but not less than 1500 euros.

Author: James Hatbill
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