The Millennial Generation: Is the Gambling Industry Focused on It

  • 19 May 2023
The Millennial Generation: Is the Gambling Industry Focused on It

In today's world absolutely everything depends on money, or rather - on their quantity. For this reason, for each owner of any business, including gambling, is extremely important issue of attracting the consumer audience.

To fully understand this, a market analysis is necessary. Its effectiveness and completeness will allow you to understand the potential clientele, their opportunities and interests.

The special attention to the millennials (generation Y) is due to a simple reality - it is the main consumer.

Now we will talk about how this is reflected in the gambling industry.

Millennials: who are they, do their opinions matter?

The Millennial generation refers to people who came into this world between 1981 and 1996. Today they are 26-41 years old, the age at which most human activity occurs.

  • People of this age are full of energy and strength, they have a desire for active life positions. All this confirms the assertion of experts that representatives of generation Y have a significant weight in today's market. For this reason modern business has a special attitude to the generation.

In the very near future, a third of the market will belong to this generation. This trend is extremely important for the understanding of representatives of various industries, including the gaming business. By the way, already today, these people spend about 1.3 billion dollars annually. This is not the limit.

Millennials and the gambling industry: the reality of the relationship

Making a profit in the gambling industry, as well as in any other direction, is only possible with the skillful adjustment to the characteristics of a huge number of consumers, for whom, in fact, all and is organized.
One of these points is the description of social life and being "always online": for the millennial generation, the vividness of events and the "connectivity" of its representatives to the whole world around them is important. Hence, the preference for companies with centuries of tradition.

  • When one hears the expression "slot machine" one immediately thinks of an elderly woman who is fascinated by tossing pennies into old-fashioned slot machines. Generation Y differs from the previous generation in that it considers slots in gambling establishments and slot machines a fascinating phenomenon of social significance. For them an activity akin to the hobby of the aforementioned grandmother is boring and antisocial.

Millennials perceive only those activities whose results can be shared with the world. This can be a trip to a beauty salon or an interesting restaurant, a visit to a club. Men have a passion for table games, such as poker or blackjack, which are more social in comparison to traditional slot machines.

The New World and the Problem of Game Content

Millennials spend about 8.5 percent of their own money on games. This is despite the fact that the rest of the population spends several times more, around 23 percent.

The main problem is immutability. The merchandise on the gambling market often does not change, and therefore can no longer meet customer needs.

The previous generation considered slot machines to be something simple and not requiring any special knowledge and skills. It was an ordinary recreational activity. Nowadays, players tend to see game elements that are based on new modern technologies.

Instant gratification is important to Generation Y

Representatives of this generation are more willing to go for entertainment in such institutions as restaurants and bars, nightclubs. The transience of modern life also requires getting what they want quickly. If that doesn't happen, millennials simply say goodbye to such pastimes.

  • Gambling anywhere, including the websites of the best online casinos, most often does not win on the first try. It takes a certain amount of time to get the cherished satisfaction. Players simply do not have that kind of time, because it is much easier for them to invest in shopping or buying technology, which will provide an instant rush of endorphins.

Ways to attract millennials to casinos

The really famous gambling companies already have information about the characteristics of gaming content that attract the attention of this generation. But one must not discount the fact that the world is constantly changing. This is where constant monitoring of consumer feedback and social media is essential.

In today's environment, the necessary features are:

  • Personalization of settings.
  • Transparent operator-gambler relationship.
  • Absence of advertising in standard terms.
  • Finding platforms informing about games in social networks.

Ensuring the gradual transformation of players from visitors to customers, turning into fans over time.

The classic games available in any casino cannot be forgotten. They can, after all, be upgraded quite successfully, for example, by combining reel-to-reel machines with video games. Representatives of the industry are inclined to believe that multiple players from different generations are possible in this way.

Operator chooses

Gambling and casinos have always enjoyed a certain popularity. At the same time, experts note their lack of action in attracting new representatives of new generations to the sphere of gambling entertainment. It is necessary to find modern forms for this activity.

Millennials, for example, like something old, but turned upside down. Gaming content needs to be modernized to provide these players with a desirable social experience.

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