The Complete Guide to RNG in Online Casinos

  • 12 February 2023
The Complete Guide to RNG in Online Casinos

The name "RNG" stands for "Random Number Generator," and it produces random number sequences continuously. Online gambling could not exist without random numbers, and every reputable online casino employs them every day.

Additionally, RNG is a rather common technique in both business and science, particularly in cryptocurrency (mainly online). RNG's applications are therefore not restricted to the world of online gaming.

Why RNG is crucial for online gambling industry

Any gambling activity needs randomness, and casinos must make every effort to provide it. Otherwise, there could be one of two terrible outcomes for the gambling industry: either a player could deceive a casino, or a casino could cheat its customers.

Randomness is guaranteed in physical casinos by well-known devices like roulette wheels, shuffle machines, and dice. These are the most basic random number generators, but they do the job just fine so there is no need to reinvent the wheel, and even in the present period, land-based casinos continue to use them.

For obvious reasons, wheels, shuffle machines, and dice have no place in internet casinos (apart from live games). Additionally, certain video slots' gaming mechanics have grown too complex, making it impossible to guarantee randomness with conventional instruments.

The good news is that scientists have been researching randomness for their needs and have eventually found ways to produce random numbers.

Two types of RNG

There are really only two ways to produce random numbers:

  • Real RNG (or sometimes is called Hardware RNG). This physical device constantly undergoes physical processes that result in the generation of random numbers (at the particle levels). The scientific community has benefited from those processes' inherent randomness, such as thermal noise.
  • Pseudo RNG is a set of formulas that make up an algorithm, not a physical device (like software). Pseudo RNG needs to have a "seed" value, which is a lengthy string of some numbers, in order to be able to produce random numbers (think of it as a core of Pseudo RNG). The generation of random numbers will be based on this seed.

Can we trust “Pseudo” random number generator?

Only Pseudo RNG is utilized in online casinos to produce random numbers. Why? Due to the fact that millions of bets are placed in online casinos every minute and True RNG cannot scale to accommodate this volume of demands (or it would be rather too slow and very little fun to play in as a result).

When they hear the word "Pseudo," many online casino players get skeptical, but they shouldn't. I'll tell you why. Only in compared to "True" RNG is it "Pseudo," and these terms are mostly used in science to emphasize this distinction. It in no way implies that Pseudo RNG results can be predicted or manipulated.

It is true that the seed sequence of a pseudo-RNG can be changed. Only in video slots is it possible to specify different RTP levels; yet, even the Pseudo RNG developers cannot forecast the outcome of each given spin.

Let's discuss the specifics of how Pseudo RNG is used in online casinos.

How does RNG get tested

All players at online casinos should pay particular attention to this issue.

I've written an entire article about it. Moving forward, several independent firms that evaluate RNG are in charge of conducting fairness checks.

The way they often do it is. Let's imagine we are flipping a coin, and the long-term results are meant to be 50/50. We would toss a coin a million times and examine the outcomes to make sure the game is not rigged. The game is fair if they are 50/50 (or very close to it).

Companies that test for fairness do the same. They perform millions of spins on a certain online slot machine and contrast real outcomes with predictions.

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