How to Choose the Best Welcome Bonus in an Online Casino

  • 30 January 2023
How to Choose the Best Welcome Bonus in an Online Casino

Online casinos now face intense competition, so these businesses try their hardest to draw new players and win their loyalty. Online casinos offer welcome bonuses in order to, so to speak, make casino gamers pleased right immediately.

As suggested by its name, the welcome bonus (or sign-up bonus) is only intended for new customers of an online casino. Sometimes the code must be entered while making a deposit, and other times everything is done automatically.

The fact that you will receive something worthwhile (as a reward for signing up) doesn't matter how the welcome bonus is executed by a certain online casino:

  • more money on the amount of your online casino account
  • free spins on a specific online slot machine (some limited number which varies)
  • or both of them at the same time

The Wager (playthrough requirements) is the main parameter that we have to keep a close eye on

Let's first investigate how wagers are determined. Online casinos take one of two approaches:

  • You can only gamble the bonus amount. For instance, if we deposit $100, receive a 100% bonus, and gamble $35 times, our wager requirement is going to be $100 x 35 = $3,500.
  • Bonus and deposit amounts must be wagered. Here, the wagering need will be (100 USD + 100 USD) times 35, which is 7,000 USD.

There is little doubt that a player at an online casino benefits by placing fewer bets overall. Why? Because casino games are created in such a way that players are expected to lose money over time, The likelihood of making money decreases as you play longer.

Actually, the wager's multiplier setting—35x or 70x—makes a significant effect. With a 35x wager, we have a real chance of finishing the session ahead of the game and the ability to cash out (since the wagering requirement has been met). We have an extremely slim possibility of ever making any money with a 70x wager.

It should be stressed that some online casinos would deceive you by employing this tactic (and other players). With the requirement that the deposit amount plus bonus be wagered, they declare their wager to be 35x, while the actual wager size is 70x.

You may get information about the actual wager size for each bonus in the "bonuses" section of my website. When an online casino employs the second strategy, the inaccurate information was readjusted in those instances.

It matters a lot what slots you are eligible to play in when the bonus is active

The house edge, also known as RTP, varies greatly from one video slot to another. Bloodsuckers Netent is one slot machine where it can go as high as 98%, yet other slots have it as low as 93%. RTP influences how quickly or slowly we lose money playing online slots over time.

Customers of online casinos are typically prohibited from using high RTP slots while the bonus is active. From their vantage point, it makes sense. They typically permit play in slots with a moderately high RTP, but not in the top ones.

During the active welcome bonus time, each online casino has its own restrictions for online slots. The "Terms and Conditions" section of the online casino website typically contains the precise rules.

As for me, until an online casino enables me to play in online slots with an RTP of at least 96%+, I won't make a deposit there or take advantage of any bonuses. Believe me when I say that bonuses for playing slots with an RTP below that will do more harm than good.

Is a high bonus value always good?

You might be wondering why the bonus values offered by different online casinos differ by such a great margin. Some online casinos advertise "300% up to 1000 USD," while others merely advertise "100% up to 100 USD."

This is a new trick, I suppose. I may give you a welcome bonus of "1000% up to 1,000,000,000 USD" with a wager requirement of 70x and with the restriction that you can only use it on low RTP slots. With these terms, it doesn't really matter how much of the bonus you receive because, after the wagering requirements are met, there is no possible way that you could end up with a positive balance.

Finally, avoid falling for huge financial perks. Detail is where the devil is at. Keep in mind that a modest wager and decent RTP level at the slots that are available to play are what attract casino players to welcome bonuses, not the generous amount of money.

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Author: James Hatbill
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