Hot and Cold Slots: Myth or Not?

  • 28 December 2022
Hot and Cold Slots: Myth or Not?

Whether you have experience playing at online casinos or not, it's likely that you already know from popular culture that some people refer to casino slots (or a wider variety of casino games) as being "hot" or "cold."

I'll discuss the following in this article:

  • What it means to be "hot" or "cold" in reality
  • What advantages are there to knowing if a slot machine is "hot" or "cold"?
  • When it could be advantageous for gamers at online casinos and when it is rubbish

Hot and cold slots concept in general

There are several different ways to determine whether an online slot machine is hot or cold, and different casino gamers may have different standards. Everything, however, boils down to the idea that a slot's "history"—how well or poorly it has paid out in the past—must be carefully examined in order to determine whether it is hot or cool.

Players at online casinos interpret this information differently, as I've already mentioned. So, although one casino patron may consider a certain machine to be "hot," another patron may inform you that the machine is unquestionably "cool." In light of this, I'll provide several commonly used definitions of "hot" and "cold" slots.

Hot slots

The most common definition of a "hot slot" is one that is on a winning streak. Simply put, a slot machine keeps awarding large wins one after another, increasing your balance and giving you the impression that there is no end in sight.

Another group of online casino gamblers might claim that the "hot slot" is the one where they have suffered a significant loss. Therefore, this slot machine is somehow required to return at least a portion of the lost funds. This group of casino patrons firmly believes that the chances in this particular slot machine are better than they would typically be. As a result, they refer to "hot slots" as potentially profitable.

Cold slots

The most common definition of a "cold slot" is a situation in which it is practically impossible to win anything at all. In other words, no matter how sophisticated your betting technique, the slot machine will continue to wreak havoc on your finances, rendering you helpless to stop playing. 

Another group of online casino players considers a slot machine to be "cold" if a recent exceptionally large winning has occurred. Their argument states that this slot must make up the loss, and the person who plays at this position immediately after is the most evident source of that loss. They therefore think there is little potential to make a profit and that it would be wise to avoid playing such slots.

Why do some casino players think they can benefit from it?

Knowing what will happen in the future allows you to change your course of action. You would be worth a billion dollars if you could predict how a specific stock would trade in the future. When casino patrons attempt to discern a recurring pattern in the behavior of the slot machine, the same idea is being used.

When slots could be really “hot or cold”

Only casinos using false or scripted software experience this. The entire "hot and cold slots" notion will only make sense at that point.

It is made possible because these casinos manipulate the payout system to ensure that winnings are no longer distributed at random. Rather, some earlier events have already decided what will happen. For instance, a previous large win will cause such a slot to pay much less and vice versa.

I wrote a piece about how you may profit from these con artists.

Hot online slots list

Players in the world of online gambling make their own decisions regarding the games they will play and the selection process. To obtain high winnings, some users try to select games where they believe they may gain an advantage. Some players take note of the slot machine's level of volatility. You already know that whereas slots with low volatility give regular and less profitable wins, slots with high volatility offer large and infrequent rewards. There is a golden mean for these two types of games, known as Low volatility. You can move between the two major levels thanks to this volatility. However, this is not the only factor to take into account while selecting a position. The RTP is also a part of this. Relying on this number can help you cut your losses and go a long way. Theoretically, the better the slot and the more likely it is to return your wins are, the greater the RTP %. Some players just go with their gut and pick games at random.

But a lot of players rely on the idea of hot and cold slots. How can you know whether a slot machine is hot? You must consider the RTP, and the slot will be more popular if the theoretical payoff is bigger. The slot will be more popular if the prospective return is higher. This idea functions for old slots going the other way. The game is cooler the lower the RTP percentage. The final line is that you may check this page, which features all the trendy online slots you can imagine, if you want to discover how popular a particular slot machine is. To find the theoretical payout and determine if the slot machine is hot or cold, you may also look in the Paytable area right in the game. If you still can't find this information, go to the desired game's official website and conduct a search there. Now that you have more possibilities, you can find hot slots. And as for you, they advise checking out the list of hot slots to see which games are the most well-liked by users.