Flash Player Online Casino Games and Security Risks

  • 06 January 2023
Flash Player Online Casino Games and Security Risks

Many online casino players had to rely on Flash Player because it was formerly a fundamental component of the Internet. However, there has been a lot of debate almost from the moment Flash Player was developed. Security was the paramount issue, and that is still the case now

Although online casino gamers are using Flash Player less and less these days, you may still find games that require it rather frequently. Given that, I figured some of you would find the following questions and answers useful:

  • What is Flash Player, and why is it used?
  • Use of Flash Player and potential security repercussions
  • How to reduce security concerns if you must use Flash Player for some reason

Why did Flash Player use to be absolutely necessary software?

Everyone realized in the 1990s that the Internet will be there for a very long time. However, a major problem back then was that internet users could not execute any media files, such as audio or video. In order to solve this issue and elevate the user experience, Flash Player was developed in 1996.

From 1996 to 2014, every website that even had a basic level of functionality had to rely on Flash Player (when new technology was introduced to internet users). Therefore, Flash Player is a computer program without which the Internet at this time would have been considerably different. And, as you could have guessed, the explosion in online casinos would not have taken place as well.

Over over 20 years, Flash Player had received harsh criticism for its security flaws. As a result, the industry developed the HTML5 protocol in 2014 as a better solution to the issue of running media files online. Due to security dangers, having Flash Player on your PC is now regarded as "poor practice."

Why is Flash Player still in some demand?

Why do people still use Flash Player if it's so unreliable and dangerous? It's a good question, and the solution is straightforward. When Flash Player was the industry standard for those twenty years, a lot of software, including many online casino games, was created relying on it. Certain of them remain, such as some vintage Microgaming slots.

As a result, without Flash Player installed, you would be unable to play in "legacy" online casino games.

Vulnerabilities of Flash Player

Flash Player's fundamental weaknesses can pose serious threats to users of online casinos. Critical here refers to the possibility that a hacker could commandeer your PC and carry out essentially any malicious activity.

To be more explicit, because of its weak security architecture, Flash Player runs several programs in the background of your PC and, at some time, allows hackers to intervene and take over the entire system.

The firm that runs Flash Player, Adobe, is making every effort to upgrade Flash Player by addressing known security flaws. But because Flash Player has fundamental flaws, they keep on happening repeatedly.

Possible negative consequences of using Flash Player for casino players

The effects of hacking can range from moderate to intolerably severe, and online casino players are still experiencing:

  • Theft of financial data (bank cards and accounts).
  • Stolen email addresses
  • Their computers had malicious software installed (crypto mining software, spying software, etc.).
  • On your behalf, spam.
  • Online casino account stolen (a hacker might have fun at a player's cost at an online casino).

How to mitigate risks of using Flash Player

You must take the following measures if you want to play in "ancient" Flash-required online casino games:

First and foremost, it is imperative that Flash Player only be installed from the official website. So updating installed Flash Player becomes much more crucial. Installing the most recent Flash Player with all known bugs resolved is essential because new vulnerabilities are continuously being found.

Last but not least, you need to ensure sure Flash Player doesn't update by itself. Another security hole exists when a hacker installs a malicious software on your computer while posing as a Flash Player update. Here is a guide on how to disable automatic updates.

I want to stress that these preventative measures do not completely bulletproof Flash Player. Sticking to those procedures is a wise choice because they greatly reduce the risks of being hacked.

How do I prefer to use Flash Player?

When I have to, I much prefer to use that method of communication with Flash Player. Every time I need to utilize it (let's say I've decided to play in older Microgaming slots), I download it from the official website. I simply uninstall Flash Player when I'm done playing. I am only exposed to security hazards for the bare minimum of time in this way. Additionally, since auto-updates have been disabled, that strategy addresses the issue that it is very simple to forget about updates.


Is HTML5 better?

As I've already explained, HTML5 was developed in 2014 specifically to replace Flash Player. Since then, HTML5 has become the industry standard after proving to be a highly successful invention.

Given that HTML5 has completely fixed all of Flash Player's security flaws, this outcome is very predictable. As a result, all current online casino games are developed using the HTML5 protocol, thus players no longer need to be concerned about playing casino games using a web browser.

In Conclusion

In retrospect, Flash Player stands as a technology relic, once essential but now obsolete. Its security vulnerabilities should make online casino players tread carefully when forced to rely on it. Nonetheless, even with meticulous precautions, Flash Player remains far from a foolproof option.

In summary, it's generally advisable to steer clear of Flash Player unless there are no viable alternatives available.

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Author: Cliff Benton
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