Effects of Gambling on the Life of a Gambler

  • 02 May 2023
Effects of Gambling on the Life of a Gambler

The problem of gambling addiction is one of the most discussed topics in the gambling industry, because gambling with uncontrolled addiction has a negative impact on human life.

Gambling addiction is constantly being studied by scientists and representatives of various research institutions. Just the other day European sociologists have spread information about the large-scale studies of the impact of gambling on the life of players. The main findings of the scientists about the emergence in the years of gambling fans who have a gaming addiction, certain problems:

  • Financially.
  • In family relationships.
  • In terms of the emergence of suicidal tendencies.

Statistics reveal the real picture

The European researchers surveyed both sexes, men and women between the ages of 16 and 45. All of the interviewees were excessively active gambling fans.

After processing the results of the survey, the following results were made public:

  • 90% started their gambling when they were teenagers.
  • 80% had constant quarrels in their families because of gambling addiction.
  • 70% reported having regular suicidal thoughts.
  • 60% had lawbreaking because of gambling addiction;
  • 40% had attempted suicide.
  • 35% had lost their families as a result of divorce.
  • 23% did not hide their debts in banks and MFIs.

Psychologists on the causes of gambling addiction

Psychologists identify predisposing factors that influence the emergence of increased risks of addiction:

  • Child-rearing problems that consist of hyper-overprotective, insufficient attention, cruelty and excessive demandingness.
  • Negative examples of children seeing their parents' involvement in gambling.
  • Overestimating the importance of material possessions. It is about adults thinking that life's problems have to do solely with a lack of money.
  • The presence of a feeling of dissatisfaction due to the lack of vivid emotions in a person's life, which prompts him or her to find them in gambling establishments.

The Infantile Omnipotence Hypothesis 

The hypothesis of the Hungarian psychoanalyst Sándor Ferenczi is put forward as another explanation for the emergence of play addiction. He believes that infants have no inkling of their own helplessness, thinking they can control adults.

This very illusion of helplessness dissipates over time, but periodically comes back to life. While participating in gambling, people are exposed to false feelings, for example, that they can guess the numbers that will bring the desired winnings.

About self-recognition of addiction

For self-recognition of gambling addiction a person should know that there are criteria by which addiction can be identified. It is important to seek help from specialists in time to avoid complications.

The determining factors are determined by scientists on the basis of a broad study of the problem, work with gambling addicts. Every gambler should know them and, as they say, try them on themselves. To find at least a couple of them in your behavior is a direct way to the doctor. Such factors are taken into consideration:

  • A person always finds reasons for going to a gambling establishment, considering them correct and forced. They consist, for example, in the fact that a certain amount of money was urgently needed or there was a need to communicate with friends. It seems to the player that at such moments he has no other ways out, and the solution can only be found in the casino.
  • The appearance of frequent mood swings, which are clearly visible to family members. Therefore, a good reason to think about it is the comments of the household members about the change of the person for the worse.
  • A change of social circle, in which the addicted person has new friends among those who play in the casino. The old circle of those who do not gamble simply disappears unnoticed.
  • Problems with work, in which the gambler begins to feel difficulties with the performance of his work duties, with the appearance of errors previously absent in professional activity. There is a deterioration in relations with superiors and colleagues.
  • Constant feelings of intense shame and guilt that are felt by addicts. They are also haunted by anger and self-pity, shame and hatred. The player finds the only way to avoid the emotions is to return to the game.

Do not underestimate the addiction, because the consequences can be very deplorable. This should be known not only to the addict, but also to his relatives and friends, who will help to overcome unhealthy hobbies.

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Author: James Hatbill
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