Candy Tournaments in No KYC Coins Game casino

Casino Coins Game
Code NO
Cashable YES
Cancable YES

Engage in thrilling in-house games using Candy tokens and stand a chance to win real cryptocurrency daily! Progress on the leaderboard to boost your earnings and unlock rewards.

How does it work?

✅   Play Original games using Candy token

✅   A prize pool of 150 USDT is distributed among the top 300 players

✅   Candy Tournament starts at 4:00 UTC and 16:00 UTC daily and lasts for 12 hours

✅   Your battle rewards show up as bonuses in your Bonus Cabinet

✅   All your Candy battle wins add up on one card

✅   Bonuses can only be withdrawn once the member reaches Rank 3. After reaching Rank 3, members can claim the reward and use it for bets across casino games and sports.

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